Temporary Immigration Laws in the United States | How to Get A Visa

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Visas and Immigration In Tampa FL

The nonimmigrant visa handles a swathe of visas used by immigrants to come into the U.S. for many reasons. There are dual intent visas; you may attempt to obtain a green card while under that classification.

Many  visas, however, require  the demonstration of nonimmigrant intent.meaning the immigrant to the United States has a permanent residence in the home country that you have no thought of leaving permanently. The amount of time an immigrant may spend in the United States of America can range from a few days to several years, depending on the visa.

The spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 of immigrants may accompany them into the United States often on a derivative visa.

The Best Immigration offices in Tampa handle all types of Visas including

H-1B Visa

For a complete of temporary visitor visas visit the US government’s website